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Business / DApp Ideas

Need some help in getting my creative juices going. I can think of lots of applications for smart contracts that would help underserved communities such as in ensuring donations get to the right people or allowing local communities to vote for local change; but I'm struggling for business ideas that would reward me as a (wannabe) entrepreneur. It seems to me that to generate revenue, one needs to play some sort of central coordinating role, where as the whole purpose of blockchain is to get rid of a central figure (i.e. you)? Simply investing in Cardano and hoping it shoots up seems much more appealing. Help me think about it differently!
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Cardano Stakepool cost/fees Demystified

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new ledger bug

Vulnerability disclosure for Ledger hardware wallets that allows signing of Bitcoin transactions under Bitcoin fork apps.
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Did you delegate your ADA?

I know, I know, you have a busy life. You’ve been running all day, doing this and that, it’s hard to keep track of current events because there’s just too many of them. Joking aside, the launch of…