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Blockchain community on Discord!

Hello everybody! We are **Innovatio Group** and we are developing two different projects: 1. On Project Catalyst, we are participating with our *decentralized crowdfunding platform* and we are about to launch our MVP! If you are interested on reading the proposal over Catalyst, here is the link: []( 2. While we are developing the platform, we made a new concept: **Innovatio Finder;** where we aim to create a network platform based on block-chain topics! We offer a **Discord server** by and for block-chain technology, so whoever interested in learning, undertaking, investing and researching on block-chain have a suitable space. In this server you can find specialized channels for: **\* Find collaborators / team members to develop a project.** **\* Present problems in the development of a project, to seek external help.** **\* Seek new opportunities to invest and learn.** **\* Share educational content in relation to the block-chain (videos, podcast, papers, etc)** **\* An open space to learn about block-chain technology (Oracles, smart contracts, mining, etc)** **\* Being aware of news related to block-chain and crypto-world.** **\* Have a general chat in Spanish and English to talk with other people throughout the world.** **\* General chat for discussion about cryptocurrencies and trading.** Communities are only built with collective effort, therefore, we invite all those interested to join and contribute to generating a favourite community for both new users and experienced users looking for new contacts. [Join us!](
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