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Bitcoin hodler getting my feet wet, what projects are you all excited about?

Hello. I have been in bitcoin since 2015. All I've known is bitcoin but today I wanted to leave the orange garden and try to build a new portfolio with Ada. I like the research first approach, the slow and do it right mentality. Im quite excited for you guys as you approach smart contracts and see what cool projects pop out of it. I just started creating my Yori wallet and will load some ADA on my next pay check. Gonna try to build an sizable portfolio while I figure out this staking business while I'm at it. Anyways I'm prepared to get burned as I am buying at the top but I've weathered my share of crashes already with bitcoin so Im use to it. Very excited to see what cardano can do. Got a lot of time on my hands, what projects are you all looking forward to after smart contracts arrive?
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