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Binance vs Kraken

Hey folks, I am wondering which exchange to use for purchasing Cardano. Firstly, I want to mention that I use Daedalus, so no matter which exchange would be I will move my Cardano to my Daedalus wallet. In Kraken the fee is quite a lot to be fair. I purchased around £535 today and the fee was £31-33 which I found for quite expensive. However, the fee for transferring 572 ADA to Daedalus was only 0.6. In contrast, Binance seems to charge around £2-3 fee per purchase but I don't know how much would take to transfer the same amount of Cardano for example (572 ADA in this case). Kraken or Binance? In which case will be cheaper when we calculate the purchase fee and network fee? Cheers guys!
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