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Hi guys! I'm very new in crypto - very! Started just over a week ago to wrap my head around things. Now I really do like this community, seems like it has the least amount of rocket emojis and some real solid ideas about this entire crypto thing. Just 5 minutes ago, I installed my first yoroi wallet (good name btw) and before doing anything else I tested the restoration process on the empty wallet. I noticed some minor issues: On the recovery screen it asks for the wallet name, but it was unclear for me, if I have to provide the exact name of the wallet I am trying to restore (I do not) and if this is somehow critical (it is not). Also, after you type in your magic spellwords it shows the address, but during the initial creation of the wallet there is never a hint, that it might make sense to write this down alongside your magic words. These are just tiny things, but by sharing this feedback, I hope to pay forward some of the know-how that I snapped up here and do my little share to improve things. Maybe it helps someone in my situation of to improve cardano. **Adoption** A quick note about wording from an absolute beginners perspective: I know this is all long established language and whatnot in the crypto culture, but if Cardano aims to bring crypto also to the inummerate, this might make a difference. I think it is important to present even complex information to laymen in a way that allows them to understand with minimum overhead and empowers them to make well informed decisions. Only then, they will feel save with what they are doing and adoption will grow: "Wallet" is a really confusing term. It took me a while to understand that it does not contain any "coins". When I talked with a friend, that is even more clueless than I am, she suddenly said: "Yeah, this is something I understand! It's like my secret wizard name!" And she was right! Thinking about wallets, they are easier to understand like a spell-book that can be secured with a password (spendi...
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