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Bash Script to Make ITN Daedalus Console Output More Human Readable

Just wrote this little bash script which extracts the time and message text from the console output of ITN Daedalus 2.0.1 (that you get by running ITN Daedalus in a terminal) to make it a bit more human readable. Should also work in the Ubuntu shell on Windows, but I haven't tried it there. (The real log file has a slightly different format - which this isn't setup for. I can probably adapt it if anyone asks.) ``` #!/bin/bash ## itn_strip - Just display time and message text ## from Daedalus console messages ## Copyleft 01/11/2020 - Joseph Pollock - JPmicrosystems ## Usage: itn_strip console_log_file or itn_strip < console_log_file ## cut out 1st 18 char before time ## delete any line with no message - probably no-op ## chop out everything before the message and replace with time ## chop out everything after the message sed -r 's/^.{18}// /msg/!d s/^(.{11}).*msg":"/\1 / s/".*$//' $1 ```
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