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Banks joining Cardano???

According to a Cardano family member via Twitter (@Big_Brother_Au) Rick and Fred Gregaard discuss banks being on the pioneer testnet. This is amazing and substantial news. Banks can use the upgrade and Cardano could use the banks for potential mass adoption.- (25:22 timestamp) The financial sector has had an old way of doing things and this opportunity could be beneficial for both parties. Not only gaining adoption from nation states but also banks would provide Cardano with the credibility it needs to succeed In the future. To put things into laymen terms; banks would give Cardano the opportunity to reach mass adoption and people. Third world countries would not only have the tech but also a source for the technology to thrive on. First world Countries would benefit from the upgrade as well. The future is bright no matter what for Cardano. I can't wait to see everything come to fruition!
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