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Atala Prism and fake documents

I understand the value proposition of blockchain in regards to tamper proof storage of certificates, IDs, diplomas etc. That is from the moment of them being issued. However, I know that in developing countries it's usually pretty easy to buy diplomas, certificates etc. Then you would end up with having fake diplomas stored in a tamper proof way. Doesn't solve much like that. Here, into the trustless nature of blockchain you introduce trust in the authority (like university) to issue genuine document. Is there any solution to tackle this on Atala Prism? Or generally do you have any ideas what could be done about that as a topic for discussion? Edit: Even if there is no immediate solution to the issue described in the post I still believe that Atala Prism's DID would be great improvement for this area. And to root out corruption one needs to start somewhere.
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Yes we signed a great MOU today鈥 Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) October 26, 2021