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Are staking rewards dropping?

This is not a moan, it is a genuine question as I feel I may have missed something. I have a lot of ADA spread through 8 wallets. None are saturated. I have recorded my rewards every epoch on a spreadsheet and calculated the average return across all wallets. It has always averaged out at about where I expected it to land and because I have such a large amount and spread over a number of wallets that is no surprise. It has always been roughly where we were led to believe at above 5 and below 6% However, over a period of a number of epochs I have seen a step change and I am never getting over 5% now. In fact it is well over 1% down across every wallet, every epoch. I assumed this was just luck, but it is now has been too long and it is every single wallet and every epoch. My question is - have I missed something? Has something changed with rewards? I am sure people will say this is just luck, but statistically it feels extremely unlikely that everything would change like this and in such a uniform way.
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