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Anyone else think Cardano team should develop in the fintech consumer space with something like Cash App, Google Pay, SoFi, Mint, etc.?

ADA still has a long way to go to become a widely adopted form of currency. To scale the project, the Cardano team should allocate some resources to dabbling in the current consumer market, instead of just appealing to crypto enthusiasts like us (a small % of the market), or trying to tap into a totally foreign market like Africa (with too many unknowns to comfortably bet on imo). If Cardano can create an app that genuinely provides value for the average person at scale, it would seriously de-risk and stabilize this platform. Cardano could then focus on accomplishing their big vision without having to worry about running out of cash or not having a large enough user base for rolling out beta tests. It can even gather useful data about consumer spending/tracking habits along the way, which would no doubt provide good insight for the team on how cryptocurrency can be made more useful to the average person, and how to market the Cardano platform better. Thoughts? I'm honestly not sure why Cardano team hasn't thought of or mentioned this much. My big criticism for the whole project so far has been that everything is teetering tottering on hypotheticals and the potentials of tomorrow. They need to roll out more concrete small action roadmaps for today. I understand that we're the ones that are supposed to develop the dapps, but what's their reasoning for not working on one themselves? Even the Apple app store started off with mostly apps from Apple, that set the standard for the quality of apps people expected to get out of the store from the very get-go, you know? Leaving it up to us is passive, and it's kind of like leaving it up to chance. I like Cardano's vision, but I'm not sold on their execution at the moment. The way I see it, the only way to reach the average consumer is to present a product/service that works in tandem with fiat currency and Cardano. You can't disrupt the market if you're going against it, you have to work with it to some extent. If Carda...
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