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An idea for a "virtual" conference, in 3D.

People are suggesting video conference companies, or streaming. But I imagined something different when he said "virtual conference that you attend with your own avatar". Imagine a mini-videogame, where you create your avatar, and attend in 3d (not VR) a virtual conference, with it's panels, speeches, and so on. You can go walking with your avatar and sit in front of a live presentation (a video input from IOHK for example) but that video plays inside a screen in that virtual conference 3D enviroment. This could be done using some open source videogame, say, a dungeon game and have a different panels on different dungeons. Not like a dungeon to complete or anything, just for cool ambient, or a city... As mechanics and interaction very simple, walk, sit, look at screen or panel, walk somewhere else, cheer maybe? That's it =) It could even be in a 2D environment. Of course a normal video conference or stream would be enough, but I though this would be cool.
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