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Am I being irrational/illogical?

Hello all, I am newly involved in the crypto space. I obviously joined the party in hopes of investing in projects and making residual income at the same time. Admittedly, Cardano was the first project I looked at, I didn't even go through all of the information. I just speculated, and purchased ADA right away and staked it on adalite. Dumb luck or something else? Not sure. Last night, I decided to sit down and start digging in finally. I watched the newcomer IOHK video that was posted recently, and an interview with Charles Hoskinson about why cardano is the future of blockchain. My entire perspective on the crypto market shifted last night. If this type of system is actually possible... I've been reading about wealth inequality, and the fragility and ridiculousness of our current financial system since I was in high school. This project is about SO MUCH MORE then making a buck. My mind went wild last night for 45 mins to an hour just contemplating the positive ramifications of something like this, the potential for change... I've never had much hope, I've struggled with depression and existentialism since I was a wee lad. Investing is something like this would feel like more then just trying to make a buck. In fact, if a system like this was possible... This could change the game for humanity. I am not sure if I am just exaggerating it in my mind... Not only for undeveloped countries, but also developing as well as developed nations. This has the potential to shift the bearing of humanity in my mind. I may be out to lunch though. So, the beginner advice of invest BTC/ETH/ALT, I don't think I want to follow that approach. My approach would be to diversify a little, make money off the market, but to invest it into Cardano almost entirely. Like DCAing into BTC but ADA instead. I can see the passive income potential of this if it actually is successfully implemented... I guess I have to change the way I think about things, it's not about market cap in the crypto ...
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Not long till D (=0) day

We are fast approaching full decentralization of block production on Cardano. It's a good time to reflect upon our network’s continuing evolution
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