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African stake pool delegation

I'm looking into switching my delegation to a different pool to help support the vision. I'm wondering if you guys can recommend any stake pools in Africa that aim to help the people of the nation? Maybe the name of the pool and the what they are trying to accomplish. I've looked online for some but now wish to reach out to the community to see if there are some other interesting pools out there
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Cardano NFT Auctions

The June Cardano 360 brought us new details on the partnerships with Nervos, Orion Protocol, and Revuto. Nervos is a UTXO proof-of-work blockchain which is b...
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Cardano NYC Sunday Brunch Meetup!

Sun, Jun 27, 2021, 11:00 AM: Hey everyone!Our weekly meet-up this Sunday!! We have a great time last Sunday and hope more will join us!Our first focus is to provide information on all things Cardano a
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Cardano Ecosystem Projects Database

Readme Note Index,Note 1,This is a simple excel database I created and will be curating. While I originally created this for my personal benefit to stay up-to-date on Cardano projects as a loyal long...
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On a CNFT side note…

Short animated preview of one of our #hypeskulls. 1500 unique dropping exclusively on the #Cardano blockchain in July. Available direct from, #CNFTs, #CardanoCommunity, $...