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ADA pretty much sucks privacy-wise

I know Cardano is not a privacy-focused coin, but honestly, its really TERRIBLE that whenever I pay/transfer ADA, due to the staking key associated with my whole wallet the recipient has pretty much exact idea about how much ADA I own. Sure, I can split my wallets and have a "spending hot wallet" and a cold wallet for my savings, but these are also very linkable and it does not resolve the issue that once somebody connects my address with my person (like an exchange, or actually anybody where I have to sign up / identify myself prior to sending / receiving ADA) there is no way back other than using some fishy mixers or sending all money to an exchange and withdrawing to an unrelated address. Is anybody else concerned with current privacy implementation of Cardano and the unavailability of a solution to be at least somewhat anonymous? Not asking for 100% Monero-like features, but SOME privacy would be nice.
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