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Ada merch question

Is there a good location to list ada merch like decals? I don’t want to be that shit head who tries posting things in the wrong place so I was wondering if there is a good marketplace for things like this? I’ve loved ada for a few years now and really like the community support and just realized I have some equipment that would allow me to crank out some merch and support the community awareness while possibly making me some extra ada! Any help would be awesome because while I’m fairly technically savvy I’ve never been good at marketing or anything like that.
Go to self.cardano
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Cardano NYC Sunday Brunch Meetup!

Sun, Jun 27, 2021, 11:00 AM: Hey everyone!Our weekly meet-up this Sunday!! We have a great time last Sunday and hope more will join us!Our first focus is to provide information on all things Cardano a
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Cardano Ecosystem Projects Database

Readme Note Index,Note 1,This is a simple excel database I created and will be curating. While I originally created this for my personal benefit to stay up-to-date on Cardano projects as a loyal long...
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On a CNFT side note…

Short animated preview of one of our #hypeskulls. 1500 unique dropping exclusively on the #Cardano blockchain in July. Available direct from, #CNFTs, #CardanoCommunity, $...
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100 Cardano Videos in 100 Days

This is Episode 100 (in 100 days) where I answered all questions sent in by members of the Army of Spies as long as they weren't about me.-------------------...