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A Very Fundamental Question - Marketing

I've been wondering for some time, even though we have sustainable growth, is Cardano lacking a good marketing strategy? I mean, we all know its going to take time to have useable value reflected in the price per coin, but other coins seem to outperform it for publicly relatable interest, especially considering where it sits in terms of market cap. It seems more like a technical person only coin at the minute. Doge is going up based on marketing alone, for example, having nowhere near the complex capabilities that ada has. Apple for example, make their products look cool and smart. Why cant Cardano put a bit of focus on this too? I personally think Charles needs to put more effort into this side of it, and make more of a big deal about what he's working on, as a reward for all of those who are having faith in his project. Just a thought. ​ Peace!
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