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A Shopify integration is being built to enable cardano payments for more than 500K online stores. Development starts tomorrow

Welcome to the Cardano e-commerce integration project, sponsored by the SHOP stake pool.

This project aims to build Cardano integrations with e-commerce and enable online shops and customers to exchange ADA for goods with ZERO fees and commissions.

Initially, we are going to release and maintain an official Shopify app, which will be immediately accessible to more than 500,000 online businesses around the world who generate 800 million dollars per minute in sales.

Once smart contracts become available, we'll introduce support for subscriptions and recurring payments in ADA and native tokens that run on the Cardano blockchain.

The code will be fully open-sourced and more advanced users will be able to customize, build and deploy it to their own servers.

After Shopify, we will move on to build integrations with other large e-commerce platforms such as Woocommerce for WordPress, Magento, etc.

Source code and documentation will be available here on this GitHub repository, and the work has already begun!

Delegate to the SHOP pool to help expand the cardano ecosystem!

We want to offer everything for free to help with the adoption of Cardano as viable payment gateway for everyone.

Pool fees will help to support the development and maintenance of our e-commerce integrations, which depend on servers to be online, certificates to be paid, and other constant running costs.

The SHOP pool has: 580K ADA pledged. We are committed not only to expand the adoption of Cardano in the e-commerce space, but also committed to ensure it's decentralized. We are here to stay and not going anywhere. 1.74% fees. On top of great rewards you'll also help increase the value of every ADA you own through greater adoption. Other ways of supporting our project

As an open-source, not for profit initiative, we are looking for support from the community not only through stake pool delegation. You can also:

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