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A question about using ADA as payment

Just like how first few numbers of credit cards and debit cards are saved for Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover Shouldn’t there a system exist where the sending address include a few keys at the start for all addresses to show that this payment is being done on the ADA network? I’m not sure if it already exists. Isnt it an inconvenience that everytime someone has to use crypto they have to choose what crypto they are sending. For example, When i input my card number on websites they automatically know which network the card is from (VISA/Discover etc) Shouldnt a system exist that i can just paste my spending wallet address and the point of sale would know what crypto it is? Like all cardano addresses start with ADAxxxxxxxxxx Or Cardanoxxxxxxxx Can someone explain if this already exists and if it doesnt, is it even possible? If it is why is no one working on it. Seems to me that this should be one of the first things they should work on to promote ADA pay.
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