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A Browser Extension To Help Protect Users From Scams.

Hey Cardano friends. I'm currently considering making a Brave/Chrome extension that warns you if you end up on a scam site, or viewing scam content and basically can show you a projects reputation in one click. Do y'all think the community would benefit from something like that? I'd basically have to build out a database of scam sites that are user reported over time, and also use in browser scripts to determine if there is scammy language on the page and warn the user. For example, a user on Youtube with a title containing "ADA" and "Giveaway" would raise alarm bells, open a popup on your screen and would point you toward information about giveaway scams. Ideally over time that database could grow into a more full featured API so that many different developers in the Defi space could utilize and contribute to the API since it would need very up to date information. Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Update #14 for sundaeswap.

In this video I will describe sundaeswap technical update #14This is not a promotion...Remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!Team Page: https://www.sundaes...
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GameChanger: The Onboarding Wallet

AdaPulse is an independent digital media resource for the Cardano community. See our post “GameChanger: The Onboarding Wallet ”
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Cardano's Next Leaps

We've had an action packed couple of days with a lot of new details revealed as to where the Cardano builders think the industry is going and how that will i...
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Cardano and the environment

Cardano is becoming one of the largest existing blockchains betting on a low-power technology with high efficiency.
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Voting in the Cardano Lobster Challenge

ℹ️ In this video I go over how to submit your own vote in the Cardano lobster naming challenge.📝