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9 Months Instead of 12 - Speeding Up Overall Cardano Development | Continuation | Ουροβόρος | Have Fun!

Cutting 25% is an careful estimate, the expected increase would be even higher. Achieved by simplification, e.g. issues like this: []( which is peanuts, but things would go (at some point) down to core-code or even hardware-level. One person, which does nothing else than permanently simplifying, with the (obviously needed) catalytic backup of the C-level, especially the CEO. Of course its clear that this will not happen, Cardano's mentality cannot accept this (very similar to Ethereum/ConsenSys/ParityTech mentality). Same Roots, Same Mentality! # Continuation Now, I've deleted nearly all my topics, as they became redundant: []( The last ones will be gone once I've extracted any relevant essence. I'll still lurk a little bit around here, but will focus on those now (max. 1 week per system) : * **Tezos** (strange presentation), **Cosmos** (looks nice), some weird stuff from **Disney** and others, and finally reaching the "**Elite**": some **Hyperledger** projects. * **EOS2.0** is back on the radar (and they use kingly C++) I'm sure that within a month, I'll find **the 3 code-bases** which are worth a dive-in. Stuff is kept here (if I don't decide to delete it, too) * []( ​ # Ουροβόρος But who knows, possibly I'll take a personal crash-course in math (could "dig out" a local astrophysicist, and a remote mathematician), thus I can grasp some of those papers. Though it seems that I must continue to have **the discipline to avoid fetching knowledge on a mathematical level**. Anyways. Have fun, and now and then, yell at this CEO to produce some written material. **Cause Voice Washes the Brains!** . # EDIT: **After 15 hours, still 30% upvotes,...
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