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44% of Blocks Produced!

Just watching the evolution of this community and how powerful it has become since I got into ADA in 2018 is amazing! There are officially 44% of all blocks being produced on the chain being produced by stake pools. That is an amazing accomplishment if you sit back and think about it. That is damb near 50%! Cardano will soon be the most decentralized cryptocurrency available. I鈥檓 sure all who have been using Daedalus for some time now have noticed it really seems to be operating at maximum efficiency. Super quick load time. It is really a user friendly experience at this point. I remember times when an update to Daedalus would take my PC literal days to finish 馃槀 Those days are a thing of the past, but for those of us who have been riding with Cardano for sometime now they were just steps to the fulfillment of this astonishing roadmap IOHK has laid out for us all. I continue to delegate. I continue to switch up the pools I am delegating to. I continue to accrue awards for nothing less than diddling my Daedalus! Kudus to Charles and the team! Excited for Goguen!
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