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20 IOG stake pools will most likely be retired in the near future to support the SPOs and decentralization

As per [\_hJTqA]( starts at 3:40 [\_1st\_2020\_surprise\_ama/g02qu4g/?context=3]( ITN rewards are moving over on 3 August. **IOG's 20 stake pool are live and there are a lot of comments from SPOs, Charles' preference is to stop this and that IOG goes completely to delegation mode to support the SPOs (even it hits their profits). The way IOG secures their ADA is cumbersome and it's a bit difficult to do this operationally but the goal is apparently to stop IOG pools but first they have to figure how to do delegation securely and how to include periodic pool rotation (goal is to do that in AUG-SEP period).** Personal note from me: **This is all good news, I'd still like to see 1-2 IOG pools but not 20! Also, rotating pools from time to time is a good idea too!** Even the Ripple's (the company) goal is to be remove their servers entirely from validating business and the same with SDF on Stellar network so this seems like a very good idea to me... CF, Emurgo, IOHL, delegate instead of being SPOs yourselves ;-)!
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