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11 / Oct 2019 IOHK Cardano Weekly technical report

11 / Oct 2019 WEEK’S DEV HIGHLIGHTS ##### DAEDALUS **Cardano Wallet** This week the team finished the integration of the available V2 API endpoints, which will enable the support of Shelley features. Work is continuing on modifications to the automated end-to-end tests so that they can be used to check that the API integration is working as intended. Work also started on new desktop installers for the upcoming incentivized testnet version of Daedalus. In the scope of regular maintenance tasks, the team finished working on reorganizing Storybook stories and improving the automated testing suite to better match the Daedalus UI structure. **App Platform** The PostgreSQL views were further optimized this week based on some performance issues which were discovered during testing. The improved views have been submitted to the upstream repository Cardano Explorer, making the interfaces available for all database users. Hasura configuration is also incorporated into the code repository now, completing the hands-off setup of the stack. The first pre-production version of Cardano GraphQL was also released this week for the Explorer team to use as the target for the Byron mainnet. Work on Jörmungandr integration for the incentivized testnet version continued, establishing a Docker image and inclusion in the project’s stack. Finally, testing infrastructure has been set up to stress-test Cardano GraphQL against a fully-synced Byron mainnet data source, where the scaling strategies for hosted deployments will be determined. A scope was also determined with the Plutus team for the chain publishing node client. **Cardano Explorer** This week the team finished the implementation of the address details and block details pages and started working on the transaction details and stake pools list pages. The team has also implemented theming support, which is an important step as there will be multiple Cardano Explorer instances (one for each networ...
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