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100% on-chain simple, provable and easy-to-implement solution for setting royalty payment data over locked policy ids or any owned policy id for that matter...aaannnd putting the "Always Fails" plutus smartcontract to good use as a global onchain "royalty registry"

MintedWithLovelace Global Royalty Registry General Idea

Give creators a decentralized/on-chain solution for setting royalties over asset policies, regardless if any 777 token was minted/exists for the given policy and regardless if the policy is now locked and unable to set a standardized policy royalty token.

Proposed Solution

Creator mints a token for any given policy they want to set a royalty over ("target policy"), from the same policy wallet used to mint the target policy.

This token has the following metadata structure:

{ "721": { "___this-777-token-policy-ID___": { "777": { "self": { "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "keyHash": "___owner-keyHash___", "type": "sig" }, { "type": "before", "slot": "this-locking-slot-height" } ] }, "___target-Policy-ID___": [ { "script": { "type": "all", "scripts": [ { "keyHash": "___owner-keyHash___", "type": "sig" }, { "type": "before", "slot": "target-policyid-locking-slot-height" } ] }, "rate": "percentage (e.g. 0.1)", "addr": "addr_payout_address" } ] } } } }

Note: I'm aware that 777 is a top level, in this solution I'm suggesting using 777 as just the token name as a "friendly" reference that this is a to...

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