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# Welcome! *** Here is some important information to help educate you on the Bytom Blockchain ##Mission statement of Bytom * "Our mission is to bridge the atomic(physical) world and the byte(digital) world, to build a decentralized network where various byte assets and atomic assets could be registered and exchanged" ## 8 Innovations of Bytom * Compatible with the UTXO Design of Bitcoin * General address format * Compatible with National Encryption Standard * Asset naming using ODIN * POW algorithm that is friendly to AI ASIC-chips * Cross-chain asset transactions and dividends distribution though side-chain * Quasi "Segregated Witness" design * Enhanced trading flexibility ##Platform Model: Three-layer Structure * Application Layer * Contract Layer * Ledger Layer ##Assets on Bytom network "There are two types of assets running on Bytom Network: Bytom Tokens (BTM) and Assets." * Tokens: Distributed to miners and nodes. Main uses are: * Transaction fee for asset trading * Dividends of income assets * Deposits for asset issuance * Assets: three types of assets on Bytom Blockchain: * Income assets * Equity assets * Securitized Assets *** ##Distribution of BTM Total supply of coins : 2.1 Billion * 30% ICO - 630,000,000 * 7% Private Distribution - 147,000,000 * 20% Reserve - 420,000,000 * 10% Business Dev - 210,000,000 * 33% Mining - 693,000,000 *** ##FAQ * What does Bytom mean? * Bytom = Byte (digital) + Atom (physical)- bridging the digital and physical worlds together. * Where can I find Bytom? * Bytom (BTM) can be found on Binance, BTER, and SZC. Bytom (BTM) is NOT Bitmark(BTM) so please do not mistake the two. * Is Bytom an erc20 token? * Yes, for the moment. Bytom is currently an erc20 token and can be stored on My Ether Wallet. The preferable wallet to store Bytom in is ImToken since they have a partnership and will continue to work with Bytom once their actual tokens and main net is released. * Sy...
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