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NOTE: this is repost of an old question that was left without answers. Please also note that i tried to contact the bytom team for answering this question but i didn't receive any answer. ---- when the official bytom blockchain will be launched there're will be a new coin (i suppose). because btm is a contract (erc20 token) on the ethereum blockchain but bytom is planning to build its own blockchain with (i suppose) a coin. there will be a conversion between btm and the new coin? is there any example of a similar case in the past? am i totally wrong? ---- 當官方bytom blockchain將推出將有一個新的硬幣(我想)。 因為btm是一個合同(erc20的標記),而是在愚蠢的blockchain上,但是Bytom正計劃用(我想像的)一個硬幣來建立自己的blockchain。 btm和新硬幣之間會有轉換? 過去有類似案例的例子嗎? 我完全錯了嗎? -----
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