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[Dev] Bytom Weekly Dev Report (4th June)

1. Optimization and testing of P2P connection layer and switch layer framework to prepare for P2P functional upgrade

2. Based on Kademlia protocol-like node discovery function debugging, optimizing node access speed, establishing a structured network connection which based on logical distance

3. Fixed the problem that the response result of reset-key-password in bytcomcli is incorrect

4.sorted the result of interface list-addresses according to address creation time

5. Modified the added Tutorial content and added advanced transaction switching function in the Tutorial

6. Fixed the loading bug when electron is turned on

7.Fixed the bug that the actual number of assets is wrong when you filled number in the transaction page first and then filled the assets.

8.Completed the sorting of related documents for miners‘ implementation

9. Investigated the loss of accuracy in json type conversions, including causes and test structures

10. Increased the get-work-json interface to facilitate the use of the mining pool to resolve the block header

11. Completion of java-sdk code implementation and test case writing

12. Organized java-sdk documents and improved Transaction related documents

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