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AMA- Bytom 2020 Roadmap Analysis

Bytom’s mainnet has been running stably for almost two years. In 2019 Bytom went through some difficulties but we insisted in our goals to tokenize assets and our mission to create diverse assets and a programmable economy.

Keep MOVing is not only the slogan of Bytom’s layer 2 value exchange protocol but also Bytom team’s belief. In the Bytom Global Devcon in San Francisco, we launched Bytom’s sidechain Vapor which adopts BBFT consensus algorithm. Later, we launched MOV, layer 2 value exchange protocol, aiming to build a decentralized DEFI ecosystem.

We also launched a BaaS platform Bystack because we believe that the future of blockchain lies in the model of public blockchain(mainchain) plus industry blockchain(sidechain).

The key words for Bytom in 2019 was Stable, Secure and Prosperous. We also set three goals for Bytom in 2020:

1. Productization: Commercialize Bytom’s technology and products in order to make profit.

2. Innovation: Improve open gateway protocol and design creative DEFI products and business models.

3. Leadership: Represent the positive development direction and keep leader position in blockchain industry. Explore more use cases.

On January 6th, Bytom CEO Yu Lang and CTO James Zhu conducted an 2-hour AMA on ChainNode and answered many questions from the community about Bytom’s 2020 development plan and its values.

Below is part of the Q&A in this AMA.

Q1: What’s the plan of Bytom in 2020? How does Bytom position itself? What are Bytom’s advantages over other public blockchains?

Yu Lang: Bytom will focus on the goals set by Bytom Foundation and expand Bytom’s survival space with compliance. MOV as well as a series of industry sidechains will be Bytom’s priority in 2020. Bytom always focuses on assets tokenization and bridging atomic assets and physical assets. Bytom is not simply a public blockchain but a platform supporting mainchain, sidechain and crosschain.


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