(PAYMENT PROOF) The BEST WAY to EARN FREE Cryptos. 70 different coins. Claim FREE BNB two times per hour and withdraw INSTANTLY to your Wallet. Perform easy task and get points wich you can exchange for Cryptos automatically 💲🎁


Final Autoclaim is the best faucet to earn cryptos for two reasons: first of all you will be constantly withdrawing INSTANTLY. That means that you don´'t really have to trust in the site, the money will be in your wallet. The second reason is that you have A LOT of ways to make money in the site.

After you register on the site, you should do your first free rolls. You will have two: BNB roll and Dutchy roll. The BNB is going to your balance where you can withdraw it and the dutchy points are the "coins" you need in the site to use the auto faucet. If you use balance mode, the money will go to your balance (you will earn 10% more in this mode!).

When you set the faucet remember that more cryptos will consume more points. The best set I have found is ten minutes each refresh and x5 rate. There is a 20% bonus on weekends so you may want to save your dutchys for them.

What else can I do here?

Well, you can do shortlinks. If you do, you will get more bonus. There is a lot of them, so be sure to check wich ones are easier and remember them. You should be able to do a lot in less than ten minutes if you found the right ones. PTC´'s are also great if you want to get some fast EXP.

Each task, no matter what, will give you EXP. That´'s the other great part of this site. Each 5 levels you will get 500 Dutchys, but each ten you will get your level x100. That means if you get to level 20 you will get 2000 free dutchys! And the best part is that you will get a bonus of 0.1% in all the things you do in the site (PTC, Shortlinks, Surveys, Autofacet claims, etc). Right now i´m on level 150 and I have a 15% bonus forever!

The BEST task are, off course, the surveys. Not everyone will be able to do them, but they pay A LOT. Some of them pays more than 100.000 dutchys, but most of them are like 60.000 or 70.000. If you can perform surveys, this site is the best one you will found for sure. You will earn a lot. You can also do other offerwalls, asiamag, watch videos, etc.

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO EARN, don't forget to stake $SPACE! It's the Token created by the site and you can earn a lot with them (I'm earning 2 USD per DAY just because of the staking $SPACE tokens!). You can get them by social jobs, autoclaim or claim your coins to Final Autoclaim from their secondary faucet.

If you register at the site, please let me know how much are you earning!