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Don't know what to do

Hello reddit I recently purchased 357,000 BCN on Stocks.Exchange at about 3-4 cents. Trying to take advantage of the high Binance prices. But my wallet has been disabled for days. At the time of purchase BCN was well over 22 cents. I tried to send my BCN to binance but my wallet was disabled. A few hours later They enabled my account briefly and I sent it over to binance. At this time the price was about 6-7c. Transfer took hours. Then errored out. Now the price is less than 1 cent. I did lose money in Binance for the same coin.. I purchased a separate amount for 3c per coin and it dropped to 1c. I take full accountability for that but has royally screwed me over. They have held onto my coin all the way down to less than 1c. Is there anything I can do? Basically I'm down from 16.5k to 3.5k just on StocksExchange and they still haven't released it! Yeah I learned my lesson, I'm a newb to Crypto currencies and investment in general but I am desperately seeking any type of advice. Sincerely
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