Coinex delist Bytecoin! What's next? Plans?

1M Ago
Coinex delist Bytecoin! (Therefore, we have decided to delist the following cryptos on Sep 5, 2022 (UTC)) []( There are only two exchanges left where Bytecoin is located. 1. Poloniex 2. HitBTC What's next? Even if the official team has made a lot of money and they do not need this project, then please pass the respected u/DStrangeM and u/BCN_official access keys to BYTECOIN CORE and Github ([]( to another team that will develop and give life to this project! BYTECOIN MUST LIVE! What is the use for me? I would like to say right away that I do not have big bags in Bytecoin. I am very sorry that I have spent a lot of my energy on the development of Bytecoin since 2017. And now the project is on the verge of stopping and liquidation. The Bytecoin network is up and running for now, but I think most of the power is provided with hashrate pairs from Monero or other private coins.