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ASIC Mining BCN And How It Will Prevent Overloading The Network Vs NON ASIC Mining

Recently BCN allowed the use of ASIC Mining which is much faster and efficient than using graphic cards to mine Bytecoin. Since this is a little over my technical experience, does anyone care to comment on what advantages Bytecoin has over Monero (which wont allow ASIC mining) on this issue? Will ASIC mining help reduce the issue (overloading the system) we just experienced in the last few days? With Bytecoin allowing ASIC mining they are going green because these miners use a lot less electricity than the old school way (graphic cards). Could this be the advantage that BCN is using early in the game to beat Monero? I know some of you are upset over ASIC mining, but in my opinion this is the future of mining coins because of speed and power efficiency. Anyone not seeing this is blind because BCN must take advantage of the future now or we could end up like Sears (best example I got).
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