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LuckyBytes Jackpot already at 2863 MB (~430$)

^image: ^ ### Update: Only **1 Day left**! The [LuckyBytes]( Jackpot is now at: #### 8065 MB (1350$)! How amazing! How good are the odds at your local lottery to win an amount like this? 1:100000? At [LuckyBytes]( its **1:758** ! For only **11 MB** (1.87$) a ticket! The winner is choosen transparently and provably fair! ### What is [LuckyBytes]( Its an in-app lottery in which you can play using your Byteball Bytes. There are three different game modes to participate in. Also we have a Weekly Jackpot with an ever-growing prize. Win large amounts of Bytes depending on the number of players on the «winner takes all» principle. All games are provably fair. Each lottery comes with a game and proof hash whichs lets a player validate and prove the results against manipulation. Pair up with [LuckyBytes]( directly from the botstore (last item in the list). Or from the LuckyBytes website:
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