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Carpooling for Byteballers - The Great Byteball Bot War, week 4

This is the final weekly progress report for The Great Byteball Bot War. Just like the previous weeks, this one was quite busy too trying to push as much functionality as humanly possible. This week achievements:

added chat interface for passengers added incoming payment processing improved user feedback on certain events main-net release (as beta) Chatbot for passengers

In the past weeks most development effort went into building a web user interface and the underlying Byteball based payment system with smart contracts and a built in oracle. However, everyone familiar with Byteball knows that a true Byteball bot has a chat interface. One of the best features of the Byteball wallet is that it contains a fully integrated chat through which users can communicate with each other, send and request payments and smart contracts. This chat interface can be used by bots as well to expose some functionality that users can access right from the wallet.

The Byteball chat interface allows the bot developer to define custom commands that the user can conveniently execute with a single click or by typing them in. In the context of the Carpool bot these commands are:

rides - returns the list of available rides as a chat message reservations - returns the list of reservations the user made

As seen above, commands such as the reserve can be sent to the user as a contextual link pre-configured with arguments for example the numeric identifier of the ride. As a result, the user can send a command to a bot by a simple click. It is a good practice to offer the user predicted follow up commands that they can easily execute without typing. Let's see what happens when a user clicks the above reserve command:

The commands reserve 22 and reservations are automatically inserted by the wallet as soon as the user clicks on the command links.

The chatbot is also used as a medium for notifications. From booking the ride to completion there are m...

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