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Byteball Bot Wars progress report - Github Attestation Bot



Well, I hope it's not too late to submit my first and last report (better late rather than not 😭). This is just a simple attestation bot that attests your Github profile. I participate Byteball Use-a-Thon before with this idea and this bot is a small step to realize that idea. I try to write it as simple as possible which resulting that it only has ~100 lines of code 😆 (it probably will be reduced more once I refactor the library that I create).

What takes it so long?

If you read the code, you will notice that I don't use the headless-wallet as the dependency. That's because I wrap and shim it on a library that I create called botbyte (I will give more details later in utopian post after cleaning it up). It took a while to understand byteballcore and headless-byteball and I often bump into a problem like can't run the example bot, IP banned from the Testnet hub (thanks to @papabyte for creating a relay for me that I can avoid IP ban 🤗), and many more. Most of the time I ask those problems in slack on the #tech channel at weekend and salute to all core developer for trying to answer my problem 🥺. I hope for a technical discussion and Q&A, I can ask it on discord or other chat that not limit the chat history because I sometimes search chat history for previous answer/quote.

How it works (technical)

First, I split it into 3 topics: ask:address, ask:donation, and ask:gh_token. Each topic will move to another topic when a specific event happens. For example, when someone pair into this bot, it will enter to topic ask:address.[ref] The conversation will move from topic ask:address to ask:donation when the bot receive a text message of a valid wallet address.[ref]. The benefit from using this concept is to ensure the flow of the program, especially if it listen to many events. On the higher level, this is the flow conversation of this bot: Each conve...

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