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Byteball Bot War - Winner Announcement

Over a period of only 4 weeks, 6 contestants managed to complete their projects and build a Byteball Chat Bot completely from scratch. To understand the massive achievement this represents for each of the developers, one must realize that during the course of the contest, they had to do everything such as setting up development environments, learning the features provided by the Byteball platform and most importantly: conceive an idea and be able to realize it.

On behalf of the entire Byteball Staff and in particular the Jury of this contest, we want to express our deepest respect for the stellar work each and every one of the contestants put forth.

GitHub Attestation Bot by @drsensor The Github Attestation Bot created for this contest displays an impressive learning curve and mastery of tools used. The bot itself is rather simple, yet provides an important opportunity for Byteball to allow users to attest their Github names. Obviously, this could be used to allow Github users to send payments to each other without the need to know wallet addresses.

Interesting use cases could be sending small tips for bug-reports, and requesting assistance with set bounties on specific tasks. Some would require further development of the bot and deeper integration with Github, but with the Github attestation bot, all of those possibilities just moved one step closer to being real.

Another highly interesting outcome of @drsensor’s achievements is the extremely useful tips and hints and the skillfully created flowcharts, brilliantly showing the communication between a headless wallet, a Byteball hub and a user’s wallet. Even for non-coders, flowcharts like that are easy to follow and generally add value to the Byteball ecosystem in helping others understand how the platform works:

The useful tools that allow a developer to build and test changes to the bot in real time definitely also deserve a round of applause.

Error Fare Bot by @angr Wha...
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