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QBundle v2.0.0 Released. One click update to BRS 2.0.1

Check for updates now automatically updates Pool/wallet info. Ability to set amount of threads and ram on dynamic plotting. Qbundle checks for NTFS compressed drive or folder and warns when it is not supported. Drives mounted in folders now show free space correctly. Pool lists updated Upgrade system changed slightly to support second grade upgrades. servicemodule updated to handle BRS 2.0.0 Core wallet configuration schema updated to handle BRS 2.0.0

Due to change in BRS software following features have been removed or changed. Some of them will be back later

Export Database removed. bbd fileformat removed. Import database is changed to bootstrap chain but is disabled for now. Bootstrap chain only support built in repositories for now. Change database can no longer convert database content. Firebird support removed.

Qbundle installer sha256 hash: 4F2E75221736F4A14367ABF460A5A4092CBA21C32EE8220555688FBD713AE223

Qbundle portable sha256 hash: 873F610D697BD982C1E15BC9577D9F352AE808C22433E8F0081B4DA628E19BE3

Core wallet BRS 2.0.1 is included

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