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Can someone do an ELI5 on burst and its issues?

I love Burst. I love all of its features and POC. But I feel like I try pretty hard to do my homework yet still I am having a hard time finding out what the actual dirt is on Burstcoin. Let me explain: A month or so ago burstteam.us online wallet was not accessible and I was having a hard time getting a my local wallet to download the blockchain. I tried looking and it almost looked like someone did a 51% attack on the network and was doing a DoS on burstteam. So whats up? Why is Burst and PoC not more desirable than Proof of Work? I mean the amount of hardware and electricity to support Bitcoin is staggering. What is going on with attacks or other stuff behind the scenes? I just want to mine and hold my coins, but its just something that I really wanted to know more about and I don't seem to have the proper channels to know.
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