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A possible direction for Burst (Burst and Donate)

Hi All, I'm a Burst enthusiast (Burster?) that wants to spread the concept of POC further, and I have an idea that I'm currently working on, wanted to get your feedback! please note this is going to be posted up on the Burst forums as well, but this is my first public airing of the concept. Please bear with me if I don't get everything into this post. There are many forums/clubs/small charities that rely on small donations to keep running, where even 50 USD a month would be greatly appreciated, and these causes generally have more then a few people who would love the chance to donate 'automatically' by turning over a portion of their unused disk space. So, I was putting together a website that will help automate this process, and provide an automated tool to co-ordinate multiple 'donors' who wish to plot and mine for a cause they pick. why not just have them mine and tell them to donate what they find? simplicity and the fact that entire process isn't exactly easy enough for a person with limited IT know-how to do. The outline of the process I thought, was as follows: 1. User visits website, picks cause/charity/website to donate to (or inputs burst ID and pool) 2. Deployment engine sorts out directory and size of plot, and reports this back to a database to co-ordinate plots to help avoid overlapping plots 3. We use a pool so that any number of clients can connect under the BURST ID (no solo mining) 4. i'd set the minimum deadline to <1 day as standard within the deployment engine, to reduce communication and load on the pool 5. the 'master' wallet gets credited with the burst the pool would only charge for operational costs, and any extra can be donated into a fund to randomly pay out to a cause.. So, as a brief outline of 'Get people donating' what do we think? Uptake? can you think of somewhere what would go for it?
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