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Bi-Weekly Update March 2nd, 2017

Boolberry Network Address March 2nd, 2017


Clintar is working on binaries and build environment and has a partial solution to RAM usage. One thing I liked is the shortcut which runs the boolberry client with a seed node address by default.

Vishal is working on multiple development environments and this will make it easier for additional devs to contribute.

Wolf0 joined Zoidberg’s chat via invitation, good to see people that have been active in other crypto note projects taking an interest in the various efforts on this project. Wolf0 has made efficient mining software for a variety of algorithms.


One of the bitcoin debit cards finally arrived and donated funds were moved to is so that some services can be purchased.

Development Fund Multi-Sig address

We are doing a 3-of-4 address and there is one open key. The reason this isn’t complete is because I’ve been hoping one of the vocal critics in the community would take a key. This is largely symbolism and is becoming counterproductive at this point in time.

The current key holders are: - 1blockologist - javajared - crypjunkie -

Bitcoin donations would be requested to be sent to this address. Payment requests will be initiated by key holders and require the approval of two other key holders. A critic would at the very least be able to see what is being paid for, provide transparency via their criticism, and have more accurate arguments about what is or isn't being developed. Should be productive for everyone.

I sent crypto_zoidberg a message about the concept weeks ago, with instructions on how to join the slot. Despite the market confidence this would create, we don’t really talk. The next time people donate 200 bitcoin to a developer’s public donation address, at least you’ll have confidence that a consortium of people prevent unilateral absconding and year long disappearances with the funds.

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