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Bi-Weekly Update February 1st, 2017

Boolberry Network Address February 1, 2017

Rebranding Coinopoly and their team has finalized marketing and rebranding direction for the Boolberry project. The announcement post has been updated with the graphics and the ticker symbol XBB has been submitted to several exchanges, including Poloniex.

At one point, XBR was floated but this was relegated for several reasons: 1) Brent Crude Oil trades under the XBR symbol 2) Apparently some traders type 'bb' into autocomplete text fields on exchanges to get to the boolberry symbol.\

XBB represents an international standard bringing it Boolberry markets in line with Gold (XAU), as well as Bitcoin (XBT) as well as other cryptonote networks such as Monero (XMR) and DigitalNote (XDN).

Although the price appreciation limits the necessity to let people understand that Boolberry has a team and direction, with the free advertising it provides, the depth of this push is made more apparent.

The acronym is merely a ticker symbol.

Donation Process

I will be engaging active members of the community to hold keys to multisignature BITCOIN addresses, to help decentralize the funding process.

CryptoZoidberg and additional developers

Cryptozoidberg appeared in the slack channel! Not much was said, and a confirmation on bitcointalk would be interesting to members. Clintar, a former contributor and current boolberry mining pool operator, also simultaneously joined, and gave much needed tech support to new boolberry network miners contributors.

Seed Nodes

This is still a work in progress, and will be released alongside:


Boolberry will be easy to install across platforms as binaries will be released with the latest updates and autoconnecting to seed nodes.


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