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Bi-Weekly Update February 15th, 2017

Boolberry Network Address February 15, 2017

Donations The donations have allowed us to bring more developers on, alongside our servers. Any criticism about how much code we’ve pushed since November is completely accurate and we are working on it.

Current developers are Clintar, Myself, Javajared, devs hired from the fund that will reveal themselves when they make pull requests.

The structure of the donations is still in the process of being modified. The structure will be a 3-of-4 multisig bitcoin address.

A 3-of-4 multisig bitcoin address will allow for transparent holding of the funds, as well as the inability for any one person to move funds. For accounting purposes, an HD wallet is being pursued, as this will allow the community to fund individual projects by address without adding administrative burdens to the multisig key holders.

I attempted to use Bitpay’s CoPay app for this, where some community members were invited to hold the keys. Unfortunately, upon further inspection it turns out that CoPay is missing a crucial feature for being able to control addresses within the wallet. So we will be switching to Electrum. The bitpay project was notified and this can be followed here:

Please don’t donate to the prior donation addresses, as I would like to provide more transparency to the community.


All of the exchanges are aware of the XBB ticker symbol, and poloniex already redirects the URL for the BTC_XBB market to Boolberry. The ticker symbol has nothing to do with the name of the asset. This is just preparation for including Boolberry in more larger and more liquid markets.


The real Crypto_zoidberg clarified that there were people masquerading as him and that he has his own slack channel.

Investors should understand that Crypto_zoidberg is not collaborating with us in any way.

Investors should also understan...

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