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I'm Filip Lein, one of the devs working on the MetaChess game! MetaChess is an upcoming Play-to-Earn NFT chess game! Ask me anything!

MetaChess team is creating the first blockchain-based chess game when users can monetize their gaming experience with PAWN - the main utility token of the platform. *PAWN will act as an official currency of MetaChess and also as a governance token. PAWN holders will be also able to participate in the governance of the platform via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of the MetaChess game development and PAWN distribution.* Why MetaChess? * We are active on social media with more than 5000 followers * Our team is doxed by [SolidProof]( * PAWN contract is audited by [TechRate]( * NFTs are an integral part of the MetaChess economy * Partnered with 8 companies, including Chessify, MetaPad, Web3.0 Bootcamp and Airtsnft Technical whitepaper: []( Website: []( AMA!
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