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How easy it is to scam on Binance P2P.

A month ago I sold usdt to some guy using p2p and mistakenly I forgot to check if the name is same or not. After 2 days my bank account was frozen as someone reported a fraudulent on my bank account. When I checked it was because of the payment which that guy did. So I reported binance about it and they said they'll lock the funds of the buyer and sent a confirmation mail so I could send to bank. Until today the sender's bank hasn't taken any action against it. So I contacted binance to give an update, Now binance is telling me that the buyer account is only locked and the funds he has already withdrawn. Now I'm stuck from both side. My bank is asking me to contact another bank from where the report came. And the other bank is not responding me as I'm not their customer and I don't know the sender who have reported my account, what I'm supposed to do?
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birthday gift for Binance ceo

@cz_binance would love to send you the 10th Sep 1977 as an NFT gift for this special day for you.#NFT #Binance #cryptocurrecy— Mr Time (@MrTime71910887) January 24, 2022