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Blocktix Development Update #2

Blocktix Dev Update #2

Welcome to the second Development Update for Blocktix. In the past two weeks we’ve seen some great things happen around Blocktix. Directly after the last update we’ve seen interest in — and the community of — Blocktix grow at a steady pace. This really showed in our numbers on Slack, Twitter and our other socials and of course the trading that took place, reaching over $400,000 in volume for a couple of days.

Meanwhile we’ve also received word that Blocktix has been gaining popularity in the asian markets, especially in China. News has reached us that in the popular chat app WeChat two different groups have been created which are both full (a WeChat group can have a maximum of 500 members). We are talking with community members in that region and are adding focus to get additions to Chinese-based exchanges especially for our Asian-based community.

One of the full Blocktix WeChat groups Development of Blocktix

In the past two weeks work on the wireframes has continued as well as building up the necessary skills and toolchains (a toolchain is a set of programming tools which are used to perform a complex software development task/create a software product) to get the development of Blocktix going full steam.

One of the things we dived into was how the users would be on-boarded. The first action such a user would do is to register to our system; simply put: to create a wallet and link it to themselves, even if you are not using an Ethereum-based wallet like Mist, Geth, MetaMask or any other local wallet.

Our aim in this is simplicity as we need to be sure that besides you, or those that already understand cryptocurrency, your neighbour can also buy a ticket to an event they wish to visit. The average user needs to be able to install the product/app and use it right away without any issues.

The Account & Event creation process in wireframes


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