Community Achievements Week 20: We Reached The Season Finale

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Community Achievements Week 20: We Reached The Season Finale

The season finale is here! We’re just a few days away from the end of the Infernum era.

Cutieland is preparing to enter the in-between season life — a short period of relative peace and tranquility.

During the past week:

Cuties scored 834K (↑ 3%) adventure wins Little heroes also managed 35,6K (↓ 3%) raid victories

Despite last week’s slowdown, both adventure and raid activity rates look as stable as ever.

In terms of farming competition:

The farming competition seems to be declining. At this time, Cutieneers are less likely to invest additional resources in farming.

Also, the overall use of blue potions continues its decline.

In terms of loot: Classic adventures provided the community with 67K items (↓ 74%) Inferno adventures enriched the community with 2,4 million items (↑ 12%) In terms of glory:

Achievement trend remains stable, while quest activity continues declining.

Last week, Cutieneers claimed 1,9K (↓ 0.2%) achievements and

3,2K (↓ 8%) Adventure medals 40 (↑ 111%) Breeding medals 918 (↓ 11%) Market medals 2,4K (↓ 3%) Raid medals In terms of fun:

The inhabitants of Cutieland

Drank 147K (↓ 5%) potions Made 35,8K (↑ 7%) outfit changes Birthed 656 (↑ 41%) new Cuties Meanwhile, an average Cutieneer: Celebrated 453 (↑ 5%) adventure victories Scored 126 (↓ 1%) raid wins Gathered 37 (↓ 73%) items from classic adventures Claimed 1,8K (↓ 44%) items from reward pools And the biggest deals of the week were:

Offchain market

Cutie NFT market

It was a fun week, and this one will be even better!

Stay tuned for more fun facts about Cutieland!