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Blackmoon Crypto: Monthly Digest [September - October '17]

In the last few days the price experienced a positive momentum amid comments from Blackmoon CEO, Oleg Seydak, on the timeline and abovementioned research, published by Blackmoon COO, Sergey Vasin. As at October 12, 2017 8:00 GMT, BMC is traded at $.875.

Also the company undertook updates on the price dynamics, published every business day at a dedicated blog Blackmoon Digest.

Buyback Program

As a part of our Downside protection on October 3 we released the buyback program. As always, security is paramount, and the whole application is executed solely on the user’s device. The buyback price is $.8 per token.

As at October 12, 2017 8:00 GMT, 55% of the reserve has been used. Thanks to the fact that the price of BMC has been above the buyback threshold, the buyback is not being used.


As for the Platform, we’ve started development of the Fund Investor’s interface and BMC Holder interface and we are in the process of structuring fund tokens’ contract.

Fund Investor’s interface will include the following features:

searching for available investment opportunities;access to information on funds and FTx distribution/dynamics;sign up and KYC;participation in FTx sale;portfolio analysis and management;access to fund manager’s’ reports;participation in proceeds distribution;voting on fund’s matters.BMC Holder interface functionality:proprietary Blackmoon wallet with access to buy back and operations with BMC tokens;continuous contributors (CC) interface: searching for roles, KYC and application for a role, access to role’s KPI information and reporting, linking tokens to the CC account, information on received Fund Tokens (FTx) and withdrawal, voting on platform matters;BMCs lease marketplace;To keep up with all the heat we are expanding our development team: we are currently looking for a project manager and two developers; and recently hired dev.ops engineer. This will bring the IT team to 9 people in house, not inc...
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