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From the #Welcome landing channel, please use the $roles command to tell us what roles you want. This will give you access to more channels. The basic rules are listed below: 1. Do not intentionally pump or shill for coins. 2. Listen to and respect moderators and admins. 3. Users that repeatedly do not follow the format of a specific channel will have their content removed and may receive a kick or ban depending on the situation. Please read the channel description and properly understand it before using it. 4. Harmful material (or viruses, NSFW images/links) results in an immediate and permanent ban. 5. Spam or repetitive mentions of a user is not tolerated. 6. Referral links, coin addresses, and suspicious sites will be immediately removed by staff. Repeat offenders will be banned. 7. No advertising of any kind (servers, products, services etc) without explicit approval from the moderator team. 8. Profanity and otherwise offensive language may result in a kick or ban. 9. Debates are encouraged but personal attacks (argumentum ad hominem) will not be tolerated. Users may be given a verbal warning; repeat offenders will be kicked or banned depending on severity. Being on this server is a privilege that can be lost, not a right to which you are entitled. Remember this in all your interactions with other people. Permanent Discord invite link: [](
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