LiteBit supplier victim of cyberattack

self.blackcoin5y ago
LiteBit supplier victim of cyberattack Dear XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX, We regret to inform you that on the 12th of september 2017 a supplier to LiteBit has become the victim of a cyberattack. Sadly, the attack also concerned a LiteBit server. We are currently investigating the scope of the attack. Sadly we have to conclude that an unauthorized person has had access to your; email address, hashed password, IBANs, phone number, address and portfolio data. There has, however, been no breach on the LiteBit wallet servers. All coins belonging to customers are safe. Also, no verification documents have been accessed during the incident. It is of high importance that you reset your 2FA settings, you can read more about this here: LiteBit 2FA We understand that the recent problems at LiteBit and our supplier have damaged your trust in our organization. We want to show our deepest remorse. We have already taken measures and we will keep improving and expanding on these measures in the future in hope to regain your trust. We have reported this incident to the police and the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk if you have any more questions! Phone: +31 (0) 10 307 48 20 Email: [email protected] We are very sorry the inconvenience this may has caused, Team