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I’m coming to the conclusion that BLK is the most undervalued coin.

I’m new to blackcoin. But I can’t help but notice that it seems to be undervalued, and sort forgotten about. As far as I can tell, it is fundamentally sound. It has many unadvertised features, a stable development team, and a stable community. Am I wrong about any of this? Has the development team remained stable throughout the coins history? It seems that a team with the foresight to be be first to go PoS would be a team worth following. I may live to regret it, but i bought in recently. In terms of buying something that people are currently not talking about, at a large margin of safety discount, blackcoin seems like an obvious pick. Am I missing anything here? Maybe the blackcoin community needs to be louder... the only problem that is see with the coin is that they need more marketing.
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